External Release Agents

Externally applied PATTM-release agents are offered for the processing of thermoplastics for nearly all production processes, polymers, processing temperatures and mold shapes. In addition to water based and solvent based formulas, easy-to-use aerosol spraying cans are available.

Internal Release Agents and Lubricants

Internal PATTM-release agents and lubricants are available for all thermoplastic polymers. In addition to their excellent release performance, the flow properties of the polymers are also considerably improved by using our PATTM-release agents. This allows for a faster production at lower processing temperatures and for a reduction of rejects due to less molding defects.

When processing recycled materials and operating machinery at its performance limits, the positive effects of improved flow and dispersing properties become particularly relevant. Especially in case of a critical mold geometry, the use of PATTM-release agents and lubricants provides a simple & effective solution to optimize your production!

PVC Stabilizers

Environmentally friendly PATTM-PVC-Stabilizers are free of heavy metals and may conveniently be integrated into transparent, soft-PVC due to their excellent compatibility.


By employing PATTM-Additives it is possible to optimize your WPC-system quality- and cost-wise. May we show you how?