Rubber / Elastomers

Release Agents

For all applications of elastomer processing, we offer a comprehensive program of internal, external and semi-permanent PATTM-release agents. These environmentally friendly products ensure high processing safety and reduced production costs.

Apart from excellent release properties, using PATTM-release agents also lead to an improved dispersion of compound ingredients. Moreover, PATTM-internal release agents drastically reduce mold fouling.

Multiple studies of the "Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie e.V." (German Institute for Rubber Technology), Hannover, have verified the excellent release properties of PATTM-additives and showed that there are no adverse effects on critical product or processing parameters when employing PATTM-additives.

Vulcanisation Activators

PATTM-activators based on zinc oxide are dust-free pellets, which do not lead to "blooming-out"-effects after vulcanisation.

Food Industry & Medical Engineering

We also offer approved formulas of PATTM-additives for many elastomer types to be used in the food industry and medical engineering. FDA-, EU- and BfR-compliant products are readily available!